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Circuit Clerk

Lisa Fallon

Monroe County Circuit Clerk



Updated 5-14-2020 at 12 PM

Jurors:  the trial setting for June 1, 2020 has been cancelled. I will be putting out a message later today to the phone numbers you provided to my office. You are still required to come for the trial setting on June 15, 2020. If that week gets cancelled, I will be letting you know as soon as I get word. Thank you for your willingness to serve. If we do have a jury trial, just know that we are looking at all options to do it as safely as possible including all social distancing and safety procedures outlined by the CDC and state.

The courthouse is now open to the public under strict safety guidelines. Anything that you can take care of without coming in the office would be greatly appreciated to reduce the chance of interaction and possible infection. My deputies are still working remotely with only 1 deputy a day in the office with me. We will be doing that through Friday, May 22 at which time we will be working 1/2 staff, alternating days until further notice.

For the quickest response to specific matters, please send an email or leave a voice message with the deputy circuit clerk who works those cases/areas (see below) and we will answer ASAP.


Luann – 618-939-8681 ext. 273
Misdemeanor, Felony, Juvenile

Bess – 618-939-8681 ext. 249
Traffic, ​Driving Under the Influence, Ordinance Violation, Conservation Violation

Denise – 618-939-8681 ext. 269
Jury, Divorce, Family, Probate, Order of Protection, Adoption, Tax, Eminent Domain, Municipal Corporation

Jeanie – 618-939-8681 ext. 274
Law (greater than $50,000), Law Minor (less than $50,000), Miscellaneous Remedy, Chancery, Small Claims, Forcible Detainer and Entry

Brenda- 618-939-8681 ext. 237
Collections, Bookkeeping/Finances, Administrative Projects, E-File Scanning and Destruction Projects

Circuit Clerk – Lisa Fallon – 618-939-8681 ext. 223



Updated 3-31-2020 at 1:15 PM

For Orders of Protection, please see steps below.

Attorneys:  Please refer to the Administrative Order entered by Judge Doyle regarding how to reschedule your cases which you should have received from your bar association. Please do not call or e-mail the office and ask the deputies to do anything other than what is stated in the order. As you can imagine, we are having to reset hundreds of cases and we will be strictly following the Administrative Orders from the Judges and Orders from the State’s Attorney. Thank you for your understanding.

Divorce, Family, Probate, Orders of Protection, Tax, Municipal Corporation, Eminent Domain, and Adoption:  E-mail Denise at

Chancery, Law, Law Magistrate, Small Claims, and Miscellaneous Remedies:  E-mail Jeanie at

Traffic, Misdemeanor, DUI, Ordinance Violations or Conservation:  E-mail Jennifer Becker-Roscow at

Felony:  E-mail Chris Hitzemann at or Lucas Liefer at


To access Monroe County Health Department:  Monroe County IL Health Department

My deputies are hard at work by working remotely from home. I have a very limited staff in the office to keep people safe, but they are working 8 AM – 4:30 PM as usual on their case work. They are checking e-mails and voicemails frequently throughout the day. I am in the office filling in any gaps we may have. We are fully functioning and at your service, just not physically in the office. I really appreciate my Deputy Circuit Clerks and their flexibility during these uncertain times. Know that they take their jobs very seriously. We meet online on Zoom at least once a day to see who needs what for their case work. If you have any questions, call or e-mail. Please scroll down this page for additional information you may need.

For Civil case dates:  to reset a civil date, please contact Jeanie at or Denise at

We pray that you and your family are doing well.  ~~~ Lisa Fallon


Written 3-23-2020 at 6:00 PM

The Monroe County Circuit Clerk’s Office is working with a reduced staff for compliance with Governor Pritzker’s shelter-in-place Executive Order and to encourage social distancing in response to COVID-19. During this time, we will be running 2 teams of 3 people, alternating work days so if one of the groups gets exposed it doesn’t take out our whole staff.

We have received General Administrative Order No. 20-9 for the entire 20th Judicial Circuit (St. Clair, Monroe, Randolph, Perry and Washington counties) from Chief Judge Gleeson continuing all civil and criminal jury trials. All parties involved in the cases will be notified by mail or e-mail from my office. You can always check Judici Case Management System to search for a case. We are continually updating our case management system as we receive orders for which cases are moved and to which dates. You can call the office and we will return your call ASAP.

Jury – we are still working out what will happen with jury trials. Any upcoming jurors will be notified of any changes to their summons to serve.

I hope you are all well. Let us know if you need our assistance!


Lisa Fallon


Written 3-19-2020 at 4:30 PM

For general information about Monroe County and Courthouse, please click on Monroe County icon in the upper left corner to take you to the main county page for continuing updates.

Regarding my office, here are some temporary changes:

  • Courthouse – closed to the public; however workers are still working; certain court case will still have to be heard due to being emergency in nature or have time restraint limitations
  • Emergency Orders of Protection – no matter what the situation with workers at the courthouse, the court will always hear these emergencies; if you are in immediate danger, call law enforcement. Otherwise, to file an order of protection, you will need to fill out the paperwork online and e-file it.
    • To complete paperwork online:  Order of Protection and fill out the paperwork and print a copy if you can. The steps are all mapped out and the site explains what all you need to complete.
    • To e-file completed paperwork:  E-Filing State of IL and choose an Electronic Filing Service Provider (EFSP); Monroe County does accept e-filings
    • After paperwork is completed an e-filed, call Denise at 618-939-8681 ext. 269 and provide the phone number so the judge can call you with any questions while he is reviewing the order.
    • If you do not have computer access, you may pick up a packet at the Security Desk at the Courthouse, complete it in your vehicle, and return it to the Security Desk. Be sure to leave your phone number.
  • Criminal court cases – for updated court dates, please contact your lawyer if you have one, go to , or call my office at 618-939-8681
  • Passports – we are not accepting applications at this time because this is not an emergency situation; please seek assistance at the US Post Office located at 305 E. 3rd St., Waterloo, IL or click:  US Post Office, Waterloo, IL; the information my deputy received today is this:  “They do passports from 8:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.  They will take walk-ins if they have a passport person available, but they prefer that they make an appointment so that they will know what to expect.   They can make an appointment by going to and go to the International tab and click passports then scroll down to “Schedule an Appointment.””
  • Payments – any payments you need to get to my office can be mailed to:  Monroe County Circuit Clerk, 100 S. Main St., Waterloo, IL  62298. You may also use the drop box on the Market Street side of courthouse in the circle drive. Have an envelope with Attn:  Monroe County Circuit Clerk, your name, your case number, amount of check. The Treasurer’s office will see that we receive these a couple of times a day.
  • Payments online – traffic and criminal cases may be pay either through (if it was setup this way) or
  • Court Cases – Some court cases have been moved out to later dates and you and your attorney should have been notified either with a mailed letter or through e-mail. If you need to know your court date, check closer to your original court date to see if it has been rescheduled. You may also call my office at 618-939-8681.
  • Jurors – you should have received word that the Jury Trials set for March 30, 2020 have been cancelled and you are now required to report for duty on Monday, May 11, 2020 at 9:45 AM; if you need to request to be excused, please write a letter to my office and we will get it to the Judge for review.
  • High Call Volume – We are experiencing a high call volume, but we will returns your calls ASAP.

For the latest information on the Corona Virus, click:  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

As always, it is a pleasure serving you as your Circuit Clerk. We are a strong, common-sense county who has weathered worse than the Coronavirus. We are going to be alright and we are here to serve you. If you have any other questions, please call us at 618-939-8681. I will update this page as information is given to me.

Take Care,

Lisa Fallon


Circuit Clerk – Lisa Fallon – 618-939-8681 ext. 223

Luann – 618-939-8681 ext. 273
Chief Deputy Circuit Clerk, Misdemeanor, Felony, Juvenile

Brenda- 618-939-8681 ext. 237
Bookkeeping, Administrative Projects, E-File Scanning and Destruction Projects

Jeanie – 618-939-8681 ext. 274
Law (greater than $50,000), Law Minor (less than $50,000), Miscellaneous Remedy, Chancery, Small Claims, Forcible Detainer and Entry

Denise – 618-939-8681 ext. 269
Divorce, Family, Probate, Order of Protection, Adoption, Tax, Eminent Domain, Municipal Corporation

Bess – 618-939-8681 ext. 249
Driving Under the Influence, Traffic, Ordinance, Conservation

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Contact Circuit Clerk

Lisa Fallon, Monroe County Circuit Clerk

100 S. Main St., Room 115, Waterloo, IL 62298
Tel:618-939-8681 ext. 224,
Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.