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Vital Records

Starting on June 18, 2019, vital records can be ordered online. Vital records include Birth, Marriage, and Death. Please click here to be taken to the ordering website.

Birth Records

Birth records are available beginning in 1878.

Death Records

Death records are available beginning in 1878.

Deed Records

Deed Records begin in 1816. Every conveyance of real property or land is evidenced by a deed and in most cases,

  • The party(s) conveying the real estate (grantor)
  • The party(s) receiving the real estate (grantee)
  • A description of the property being conveyed

Marriage Records

Marriage Records begin in 1816 and continue to the present.

Mortgage Records

Mortgage Records begin in 1865. These documents indicate any mortgages on real estate recorded by an individual or a banking company.

Mortgage Release Records

Mortgage Release Records tie closely to the mortgage records. They document when the final payment was made on a mortgage and when the mortgage was subsequently released to the owner of the property.