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Child Support and Maintenance Fee Collection FAQ

Child Support and Maintenance Administrative Fee Frequently Asked Questions 

What is this Administrative Fee notice? It is for the Administrative Fee we are to collect on all child support and spousal support (formerly known as maintenance or alimony) cases. The following is the Statute:  If you have never paid this admin fee, you may still owe this fee in arrears even though your child support has ended. This is separate from court-order support monies.

Why am I just now receiving a notice? The Clerk’s office is not required to send out bills. For your convenience, the Clerk’s office will now be sending out an annual notice. The payor is responsible to pay the yearly fee according to court order, judgment, and/or statute. The information is typically in the final paperwork of your case, but not all attorneys list it in the final order.

What should I do if I can’t pay it in full? Once it is sent to collections, you will receive contact from PayCourt/Credit Collection Partners. You can then arrange a payment plan with them.

What if I want to contest the amount due? You may e-file a Motion with the Court and it will be set for a Court hearing. Help with e-filing a motion can be found here:  IL Courts for approved forms at:

How can I pay this fee in full? You may make payments as follows (please reference “Admin Fees” with payment); make money orders or certified checks payable to Monroe County Circuit Clerk:

A.  Pay in person in the office by cash, money order or certified check;

B.  Pay by money order or certified check placed in an envelope addressed to “Circuit Clerk” in the drop box in the circle drive on the Market Street side of the Courthouse;

C.  Pay by money order or certified check and mail it to Monroe County Circuit Clerk’s Office, Attention Julie, 100 South Main Street, Waterloo, IL 62298; or

D.  Pay online at The “Search Payment Form” number to use is 150802. Type in the amount you owe and complete “Defendant” information with your information. In the “Case/Ticket #/Copies” box, type “Administrative Fees” and mark “Guilty” to proceed with the transaction. (This payment site is also used for criminal and traffic cases, and it is just a default for the system to accept payments.)

What do I do if I receive a notice for someone who is deceased? Send in proof of the death via an obituary, death certificate, etc. and the fee will be removed.

If you feel you received this notice is in error, please call the Circuit Clerk’s office at 618-939-8681.