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Online Payments

Traffic Ticket – Judici E-Plea & E-Pay

(Click here for more information:  Judici FAQ)

Pay and Plead Guilty on New or Outstanding Traffic Tickets:      Click here to Pay Now

To make a payment on a new traffic ticket (after 5-10 business days of receipt) or outstanding fines and fees:

  1. Choose the “Pay Now” button above.
  2. Search for your case by Name, Ticket Number, or Case Number.
  3. If your case is listed in the search results, look for a red “Pay Now” or “Plea/Pay” button on the right. (If there is no button, your case is ineligible for Judici E-Pay/E-Plea.)

An additional fee will be charged for paying online. This fee is collected by the Circuit Clerk on behalf of Judici and is not reflected in the shown amount owed. Judici E-Pay Convenience Fee Schedule

According to Judici, “Only certain types of cases are eligible for Judici Plea & Pay”:

  • The only case types that may use Judici E-Pay Plea and Pay are TR (Traffic)and CV (Conservation).
  • In addition, only violations that do not require appearance in court (may appear) cases are eligible. Read your ticket carefully to ensure that court appearance is NOT required.
  • If you received more than one ticket at the time of the offense, other than a seat belt citation, your cases are not eligible for Judici E-Pay Plea and Pay.
  • Your case must be open. Make sure there is no date in the “Initial Close Date” field on the Case Information page.
  • Your case must not have a disposition or sentence other than “Failure to Appear.”

Payment is due by court date with or without court supervision.

To Request Court Supervision

  • Court Supervision is NOT available online. You will need to contact State’s Attorney Ryan Webb’s office.
  • Any individual who seeks court supervision for a traffic citation MUST appear in court on the date written on the citation.

Why isn’t my case eligible for Judici E-Pay (not Plea and Pay)?

According to Judici, “There are a number of reasons why your case may not be eligible for Judici E-Pay.”

  • The case must be closed. Without a disposition and sentence on all charge(s), the case is not eligible.
  • The case must have an outstanding balance in accounts receivable.
  • The case must not have a prohibited payment type of electronic payment.

Payment is due by court date with or without court supervision.

Additional handling/processing fees will be collected from the companies processing payments.

Contact Circuit Clerk

Lisa Fallon, Monroe County Circuit Clerk

100 S. Main St., Room 115, Waterloo, IL 62298
Tel:618-939-8681 ext. 224,
Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.