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FAQ Treasurer’s Office

How do I pay my property tax bill?
The Treasurer/Collector’s office accepts cash, checks or money orders made payable to the Monroe County Collector. You may pay by mail, in person during regular business hours at the Treasurer’s Office located in the Monroe County Courthouse, or use the convenient drop box located in the circle drive of the Monroe County Courthouse facing Market.

If I pay by mail do you honor the postmark
Yes, if your payment is mailed and postmarked on or before the due date your payment will be considered as paid on time. This DOES NOT apply to delinquent taxes.

Can I make pre-payments on my bill?
Yes, we encourage pre-payments towards your tax amount. If you would like more information regarding pre-paying your tax bill, please contact the Treasurer’s Office.

How do I protest my taxes?
You cannot protest your taxes. You may,however, appeal your assessment. Contact the Assessor’s Office for more details.

Why do you send me a tax bill if you send one to my mortgage company?
Regardless of whether a property owner escrows their tax payment, they are still responsible for that tax payment. Should there be miscommunications with the mortgage company or other issues with the payment, the property owner has a record of the amount of taxes and when they are due.

Who is responsible for penalties or late fees if my mortgage company does not pay my taxes by the due dates?
When a mortgage company holds money in escrow for property tax payments, it is their obligation to pay the appropriate amount in a timely manner. Should a mistake or miscommunication occur, the mortgage company is responsible for all penalties and fees incurred. These fees and penalties are to come out of their corporate account and not the escrow account in their keeping.

What happens if I can’t pay my taxes by the due date?
After each due date, an interest penalty is applied at the rate of 1.5% per month. The penalty is not prorated and a separate penalty applies to each installment. If you need to know the exact amount of your interest penalty, or would like more information, please contact the Treasurer’s office at 618-939-8681, ext. 213.

What if I can’t pay my taxes at all this year, will I lose my property?
The law in Illinois states that all taxes must be collected and distributed. If you cannot pay part or all of your property taxes in a certain year, the unpaid portion, including interest penalties, will be sold at the delinquent tax sale. Your property will NOT be sold at tax sale.

My real estate taxes are escrowed through my mortgage company, How does the mortgage company know what my taxes are?
When you escrow your taxes with a mortgage company, they have you sign a letter authorizing them to pay your taxes. The mortgage company sends this office a copy of your authorization letter along with a request for your tax bill. When the tax bills are printed we send out two copies of your tax bill. One copy is sent to your mortgage company and the other copy is sent to you, the property owner, with an enclosed note stating your mortgage company requested a copy of your bill.

Where can I see my real estate tax information and payment status?
On our home page, click PARCEL INQUIRY, which is located in a grey box in the upper right portion of your screen. Click on the button that says “Accept Terms and Conditions”, this will bring up a screen with fields to fill in. If you have the Parcel #, which is shown as the PIN # on your tax bill, enter the numbers only in the appropriate field, then click Continue. If you do not have the Parcel #, enter the last name of the Property Owner and click Continue. If you have address information only, enter the Street # and the name of the street. DO NOT ENTER the Street Suffix, (i.e., St, Blvd, Ave, etc.).

PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT ENTER MORE THAN ONE FIELD. The system will try to pull too much data and will give you an error if you enter more than one field.
Once you see the screen with your property tax information, you will have the option to click on additional “buttons” or tabs to view a PDF of your Tax Bill, your Assessment Notice and by clicking on the Payments and Fees button you will view the screen the tax collection screen. If you have issues navigating this portion of the site, please contact the Treasurer’s Office at 618-939-8681, x213.