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Circuit Clerk

Lisa Fallon, Monroe County Circuit Clerk
It is an honor and privilege to serve as Monroe County Circuit Clerk. I was elected by the people of Monroe County on November 8, 2016 and was sworn into office December 1, 2016 by our resident 20th Circuit Judge Dennis Doyle.

The Circuit Clerk is the official keeper of the records of the Monroe County Courts. Any activity that transpires in the court system is filed and maintained by my office. My primary goal is to efficiently, effectively, and respectfully serve the people of Monroe County and any people who utilize our judicial system.

Statutes and Ordinances
The statutes of the State of Illinois and local ordinances determine the costs that are to be collected by the judicial systems in each county. My office collects all the fines and fees associated with resolutions and decisions from the court. Those monies are then distributed to the appropriate entities and agencies across the municipalities, county and state. The statutes allow for some of the funds to be used for electronic initiatives without the expenditure of taxpayer dollars. As of July 1, 2019, legislators totally revamped the fees and fines that are allowed for court cases. My staff and I have worked tirelessly to follow the letter of the law to implement this new structure. If you want to have a look at part of what we have been working on, go to:  (Don’t print! It’s 321 pages long!!)

Electronic Initiatives
My office moved full-speed into electronic initiatives. As of July, 2017, we started a pilot of electronic filing (e-filing) for civil cases with a few attorneys who use the Court here regularly. When other attorneys heard about it, they too wanted to start e-filing. We began e-filing all civil cases as of October 1, 2017. This initiative has dramatically cut down on the time spent handling paper documents in my office and in the courtroom. It has also greatly reduced our paper document creation, paper and filing material costs and storage space. On Civil Court settings, the judge no longer has a paper file in front of him/her. They simply look up the file on the computer on the bench where all the associated documents, record sheets, charges, dispositions, and accounts receivables are available to view. We have not yet heard when e-filing of criminal cases is going to take place.

If you have any questions, please contact me. You are always welcome to sit in on open court with the exception of juvenile and adoption cases. Thanks for visiting our site.

Lisa Fallon


Circuit Clerk – Lisa Fallon – 618-939-8681 ext. 223

Luann – 618-939-8681 ext. 273
Chief Deputy Circuit Clerk, Misdemeanor, Felony, Juvenile

Brenda- 618-939-8681 ext. 237
Bookkeeping, Administrative Projects, E-File Scanning and Destruction Projects

Jeanie – 618-939-8681 ext. 274
Law (greater than $50,000), Law Minor (less than $50,000), Miscellaneous Remedy, Chancery, Small Claims, Forcible Detainer and Entry

Denise – 618-939-8681 ext. 269
Divorce, Family, Probate, Order of Protection, Adoption, Tax, Eminent Domain, Municipal Corporation

Bess – 618-939-8681 ext. 249
Driving Under the Influence, Traffic, Ordinance, Conservation

Criminal & Civil Jury Weeks

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Courthouse Holidays

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Contact Circuit Clerk

Lisa Fallon, Monroe County Circuit Clerk

100 S. Main St., Room 115, Waterloo, IL 62298
Tel:618-939-8681 ext. 224,
Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.