In the State of Illinois, jurors are selected from a pool compiled by the Circuit Clerk. The Circuit Clerk’s office receives a database of names once a year from the State. The names in the database come from three sources:

  1. The Illinois Secretary of State – records of those with a driver’s license,  state identification card, or disabled persons identification card
  2. Local County Clerks and Election Commissions – records of those who have registered to vote
  3. The Illinois Department of Labor – records of those who have applied for unemployment compensation

The list of names provided by the State is fed into the court case management system, which uses an algorithm to randomly select potential jurors. Jurors will receive a Summons with specific dates of service and other important information which MUST be answered. The Court decides who is excused from jury duty, not the Circuit Clerk or Deputy Circuit Clerks.

Jurors are to arrive at the courthouse at the designated time and sign in at the Circuit Clerk’s office. Jurors are not allowed cell phones in the courtroom. They will have to be left at the Circuit Clerk’s Office, in the car, or at home. Once in the courtroom, the judge and attorneys pare down the larger group into a panel of 12 (twelve) jurors, with 1 (one) alternate by asking a series of questions which is called Voir Dire.