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Fee Schedule

Vital Record Fees Fee
Certified copy of a Death Certificate $16.00 for 1st + $6 for ea. addl.
Certified copy of a Birth Certificate, Marriage License or Civil Union License $16.00 for 1st + $6 for ea. addl.
Real Estate Tax Redemption Certificates $78.00
Registry of Notary Public Commissions $20.00 in person or by mail
Business Assumed Name Filing $20.00
Copy Fee $1.50 per page
Recording Fees Fee
Standard Documents $59.00
Nonstandard Documents $85.00
Liens $59.00
Lis Pendens $59.00
Judgment $49.00
Copy Fee $1.50 per page
Monument Records $59.00
Notice of Probate $49.00
Corporation Documents $59.00
Mortgage Extensions, Modifications, Subordinations

If additional extensions and/or modifications are included within same instrument, additional $11.00 each.
Instruments referred to by number, book, and page without a legal description, additional $11.00.


Releases referred to by number, book and page without legal description, additional $11.00 each.
Additional releases that are included, additional $11.00.

Assignments of Mortgage, Leases and Rents

Additional assignments that are included within same instrument, additional $11.00 each.
Instruments referred to by number/book and page without legal description attached, additional $11.00.

Ordinances of Public Bodies or Governmental Bodies

Maps attached to ordinance as exhibit – when larger than 8 ½“ x 11”, will be, reduced to standard size.
Annexation, de-annexation and/or a Vacation Ordinances requiring Plats must submit an original plus (3) copies of the Plat. Original will be retained by the Recorder, $49.00.

  • Real Estate Transfer Tax is required on all deeds (including Warranty Deeds, Trust Deeds, Quit Claim Deeds, etc.) where consideration or money is exchanged in an amount equal to or exceeding $100. Transfer forms are required to be completed in full before recording any deed. Deeds will not be accepted for recordation if the Real Estate Transfer Tax form is not complete. The only exception is for transactions exempt under the Real Estate Transfer Tax Act.
  • Transfer on Death Instruments, Notice of Death Affidavit, and Acceptance of Transfer on Death Instruments: document is recorded before the death of the current owner, but the actual transfer of the property does not take place until after the owner’s death. No transfer tax is due at the time of the filing of this document. Document must be approved by Monroe County Mapping and Platting Department before recordation.