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Land Records

Our land records are open for public viewing in our office. Records as old as the 1800’s can be found in our archives.

E-RECORDING IS NOW AVAILABLE IN MONROE COUNTY. We are currently accepting e-recordings using Simplifile and CSC. Deeds and transfer on death documents can only be e-recorded with Simplifile at this time. Also, the recorder’s office will begin collecting the $10.00 deed approval fee starting March 30, 2020. Please include the $10.00 deed approval fee in your payment to the recorder.


The land records can be viewed and printed online by accessing

Deed Books are scanned back to September 14, 1987
Mortgage Books are scanned back to September 1, 2001
Mortgage Releases are scanned back to June 27, 2002
Map Plats are not available online.
* More documents are digitized each week and the dates above will change.

We also offer a monthly subscription to remotely access our index and page images. If you would like to become a subscriber for these services, please call our office at 618-939-8681 ext. 305. These subscriptions are billed directly by our office.