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Treasurer’s Office

  • Deposits and keeps the revenue and public monies of the county.
  • Invests funds on deposit according to State law in order of safety, liquidity and then rate of return.
  • Assists the County Board in formulating budgets, financial plans and projections.
  • Billing and Collection of nearly $70 million real estate taxes.
  • Conducts annual sale of delinquent real estate taxes
2022 Tax Cycle
2022 Real Estate Tax Bills
1st Installment Due     November 21, 2023
2nd Installment Due     December 21, 2023
View Real Estate Tax Bill/Account

Click the heading above to review your tax bill on-line.

The 2022 tax bills were mailed October 10, 2023 with due dates of November 21, 2023 and December 21, 2023.  Tax bills are available on-line.

The Tax Sale date for 2022 taxes payable in 2023 has been scheduled for February 29, 2024 at 9:00AM.


Standard & Poor Rating

Standard & Poor, a company that provides financial research and analysis on stocks and bonds, assigned a strong credit rating for Monroe County upgrading its credit rating from AA- to AA.