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Treasurer’s Office

  • Deposits and keeps the revenue and public monies of the county.
  • Invests funds on deposit according to State law in order of safety, liquidity and then rate of return.
  • Assists the County Board in formulating budgets, financial plans and projections.
  • Billing and Collection of nearly $70 million real estate taxes.
  • Conducts annual sale of delinquent real estate taxes
2023 Tax Cycle
2023 Real Estate Tax Bills
1st Installment Due     ???
2nd Installment Due     ???
View Real Estate Tax Bill/Account

Click the heading above to review your tax bill on-line.

Hopefully, the 2023 tax bills can be mailed in October of 2024 with due dates in November of 2024 and December of 2024.  Last year’s tax bills are available on-line.

The Tax Sale date for 2023 taxes payable in 2024 has not been determined, but will be in early 2025.


Standard & Poor Rating

Standard & Poor, a company that provides financial research and analysis on stocks and bonds, assigned a strong credit rating for Monroe County upgrading its credit rating from AA- to AA.